Our view of Event Phases

Use Pocket Events in some or all phases of your event.

Pitch | Plan

Pitch your client with a fully functional event site with all the bells and whistles.


Use our “Skins” to brand your event website and emails to meet your specific requirements.

Build customised RSVP forms from our standard and custom fields.  Group fields and set validation rules.

Send branded-personalised emails, SMS and push messages.


Send calendar blocker and/or branded, personalised Save the Date email.

Individually personalised, branded invites with links to Event Website.

Fully functional Branded WebApp for your event. It works across Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry etcMore

Personalised itineraries that allow mixing shared itinerary, with personalised travel, itinerary options and groups.

Integrated chat with push messages allowing for private or group chat.

View, download or email reports including participant information, event status, online activity, communications sent, CTR etc etc

At Event

Register your guests real-time with search-by-name or QR code scanning.  Work online or offline and sync to Pocket Events database.

Pre-print your 100% customisable name badges in bulk directly from the system or print onsite.

Attendees can access WebApp at the event for itinerary, chat, push messages etc.

Upload pictures to a private event picture gallery.  Pictures can be loaded in bulk or uploaded individually. Pictures can be moderated.

Post Event

Attendees can complete custom surveys and polls.

Send personalised thank you emails or SMS with links to the survey or picture gallery.

Update your event website with post-event content.  Add and remove navigation items and functions within the WebApp

Event Review

View, download and email reports on final attendee lists and contact details.

View, download or email reports on email delivery rates, invite open and click through rates etc.

View, download or email reports on page access and device type.

View, download or email reports on polls and surveys (anonymous or linked).

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